From the owner of the Leggero Seattle



I’ve been riding motorcycles, what feels like, my entire life. While going to college, I even sold them. It seems like I’ve had the chance to ride most every type, outside of a full on professionally tuned race bike.

In the garage sit a few first and second generation (86-89) GSXR’s, because my mom would never let me buy one when I was 16 🙂 and a 1994 CBR900RR – all perfect and original.

  • 2008 S4RS Tricolore
  • 2008 1098R
  • 2005 999R – upgraded
  • 2004 999R Fila
  • 2015 MV F3 800 AGO

All of which now have to go, as I will never ride any of them again !!

My wife will be so pleased and it may stop looking like I need an intervention..

Even if you took all of the best from that group…The comfort of the Monster and the 999, the performance of the 1098R, the (in my opinion) beauty of the 999 and MV AGO and mixed them all together, you still would not have a Leggero. No way, not even close. Seems like I’ve finally found what I’ve been searching for!

Seriously, even in my wildest imagination…I wish I would have had a go pro on recording my giggling and rambling to myself. Moments you do not see coming and want to be able to cherish for ever.

The engine perfomance…good grief…and I never took it above 5K!! The sound alone….mesmerizing the moment I started it up. The clutch and transmission….what??!! It’s like nothing I could ever dream of. So exact and extremely precise. The weight and handling….unreal… I knew when I pulled it out of the crate the weight was going to be something I’ve never experienced. I was right, wow, was I right!

I could go on and on and on..

Long story short, I’m f o r e v e r grateful.

Thank you so very much, Walt!