Harrisville New Hampshire Walt Siegl

Walt Siegl is an Austrian-born designer and fabricator of motorcycles internationally recognized for their timeless design, expert craftsmanship, and forward thinking technology and materials. Every motorcycle is hand built by Walt in his workshop, in a converted historic textile mill in rural New Hampshire.

Seeking to continually develop and challenge himself as a designer, Walt also takes on special projects, such as the recent electric motorcycle (below) commissioned by the Haas Moto Museum in Dallas. Walt used the opportunity to explore a design platform that could be applied for several variations of two-wheeled electric mobility: pedal assist, moped, or motorcycle. Walt fully embraces the progress being made in two-wheel technology and sustainability, and is actively engaged in developing his next electric-powered project; one with more universal accessibility.

Winner of 2021 German Design Council ABC Award
Winner of 2021 GOOD DESIGN Award


Walt’s design aesthetic and skill set reflect his background. At fourteen, Walt left home for art school in Graz, Austria to study metal sculpture and jewelry making. At eighteen, he joined an endurance motorcycle racing team. After an accident stopped his racing career short, he worked for a brief period in Marseilles as a shunter in a train yard. His interest in metalwork led him to take an apprenticeship in Germany to become a toolmaker. He worked as a toolmaker in Austria and later as a welder in Italy. A job with an Austrian steel company took him to Moscow, where he eventually joined the Austrian Foreign Service. In 1985 he transferred to New York City for a position promoting contemporary Austrian art and culture. During his twenty-two years in New York City, Walt spent most of his free time building bikes for himself and his friends out of a workshop in Long Island City. He also picked up club road racing again. In 2007, faced with a transfer back to Europe, Walt left the foreign service and moved with his family to an old mill town in southern New Hampshire to build motorcycles full time.