“Lightest, most essential bike I have ever ridden. Effortless to ride, but can also become a raging beast whenever you want it to. Surgically sharp and precise.

The extreme power-to-weight ratio makes me feel that the bike is even faster and more potent than its performance numbers might suggest… [It] is exciting and intoxicating in how connected you feel to it.

You can make it do whatever you wish with the exact responsiveness you desire. The stripped down bodywork and elimination of the unnecessary allows for a passionate and faithful expression of the power-plant.

All in all, the best bike I have ever been lucky enough to ride — and it looks beautiful — exactly how I wanted it. Thanks Walt. Pure Joy!”

Bol d’Or owner

The WSM Bol d’Or is built to order using zero mile current MV Agusta 3-cylinder models in the WSM workshop in New Hampshire. MV’s new 3-cylinder engine and nimble trellis chassis is the ideal platform to build this astonishingly light performer.

In my experience, saving weight wherever you can always results in a better performing motorcycle. The weight reduction program for the Bol d’Or starts with the use of high tech composite to replace the plastic OEM bodywork. Using a specially formulated epoxy Kevlar matrix for the newly styled 20 liter gas tank reduces the weight significantly to 3.5 lb. All the bodywork combined (including fairing stay) weighs only 8.5 lb. Additional weight reduction is achieved by our aluminum subframe, the lightweight high performing exhaust system, and our WSM rear sets machined from 7075-T651 aerospace grade aluminum.

A ram air system was created to get the best out of the highly tuned 3-cylinder engine. The diameter of the air intakes was increased and they were tucked into the front of the fairing. To get the most out of these modifications and to gain better torque and horsepower, the ECU is flashed with a fully tunable performance program.

The experience of riding such a lightweight motorcycle with its razor sharp handling and the engine performance of the legendary MV Agusta technology, engulfed by a sound similar to that of a Formula One car is difficult to put into words. It needs to be experienced.”

– Walt Siegl


BodyworkFull carbon fiber w/Kevlar carbon inner skin
Foot ControlsWSM 70-series aluminum rear sets
FrameCurrent MV Agusta 800cc, WSM aluminum subframe
SuspensionMarzocchi w/Bol d’Or-weight specific internals
WheelsMV Agusta
BrakesBrembo radial
EngineCurrent MV Agusta 800cc 3-cylinder
ExhaustRace-spec Titanium
ElectronicsMV Agusta, w/performance ECU
Wet Weight332 lbs/150 kilograms


The Bol d’Or model is built to order, to your ergonomic specifications and choice of color. There are several upgrades possible, including engine output, suspension, optional aluminum subframe, special graphics and finishes; carbon fiber, magnesium, or forged aluminum wheels, Alcantara seat upholstery.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions, or to discuss a build with Walt. 

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