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A machine capable of handling all terrains, with the power of an 1100cc Ducati engine. With 6.5 gallon fuel capacity and a sophisticated GPS system for long journeys.

The WSM Adventure is built to order to your ergonomics and terrain preferences. It is available as a dual sport model or with full off-road capabilities (as seen above).

[An] adventure bike of the highest caliber. Powered by a 1,100cc L-Twin Ducati engine, there is power to spare. The suspension is long travel—spec’d to your liking/wallet allowance—and it rides on the requisite 21-inch front/17-inch rear tire wheel combo with the knobbies of your choice, so very little will stop it. Walt has also worked his magic to bring the weight of L’Avventura down well to below that of a Multistrada Enduro or BMW GS…. Now where do I sign exactly? — Bike Exif

The L’Avventura by Walt Siegl Motorcycles is a new low-volume production bike, designed from the ground up to be highly competent both on and off the asphalt. With a kerb weight of 345 lbs, a tuned 1100cc Ducati L-twin, and state-of-the-art suspension, the L’Avventura is more than capable of wiping the floor with many high-end production adventure bikes. — Silodrome



From the owner of the WSM ADVENTURE #1:

The bike is absolutely amazing. I had the time of my life yesterday.

First of all, the motor is amazing.  It is incredibly smooth and wants to rev to the limit with zero effort. I had a hard time trying to maintain the knobby’s on the tires on the way to the trail head!

The ergonomics are perfect. Fits like a glove. Even the seat, which is always a problem, is spot on. So comfortable.
Really love the GPS unit too. That is so sweet to have and the placement is just right. The fit and finish of the whole bike is a true work of art.

By the way, the gearing is ideal for this bike. I never once bogged it down or felt I needed a shorter or taller gear.

Bottom line, the Adventure is a dream come true and I plan on logging many, many memory miles. 

— Bryan Jennings