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A machine capable of handling all terrains, with the power of an 1100cc Ducati engine. With 6.5 gallon fuel capacity and a sophisticated GPS system for long journeys.

The WSM Adventure is built to order to your ergonomics and terrain preferences. It is available as a dual sport model or with full off-road capabilities (as shown). Customization opportunities include color choice for paint and upholstery, the upgrade to full motocross suspension components, geometry set up, and the addition of panniers.


I designed the bike so it is light, with a powerful engine to do long trips with full off-road capabilities. Visually, I wanted to lend a 80s/90s aggressive rally look without giving up a bit of elegance. — Walt


[An] adventure bike of the highest caliber. Powered by a 1,100cc L-Twin Ducati engine, there is power to spare. The suspension is long travel—spec’d to your liking/wallet allowance—and it rides on the requisite 21-inch front/17-inch rear tire wheel combo with the knobbies of your choice, so very little will stop it. Walt has also worked his magic to bring the weight of L’Avventura down well to below that of a Multistrada Enduro or BMW GS…. Now where do I sign exactly? — Bike Exif


The L’Avventura by Walt Siegl Motorcycles is a new low-volume production bike, designed from the ground up to be highly competent both on and off the asphalt. With a kerb weight of 345 lbs, a tuned 1100cc Ducati L-twin, and state-of-the-art suspension, the L’Avventura is more than capable of wiping the floor with many high-end production adventure bikes. — Silodrome


The bike is absolutely amazing. I had the time of my life yesterday. First of all, the motor is amazing.  It is incredibly smooth and wants to rev to the limit with zero effort. I had a hard time trying to maintain the knobby’s on the tires on the way to the trail head! The ergonomics are perfect. Fits like a glove. Even the seat, which is always a problem, is spot on. So comfortable. Really love the GPS unit too. That is so sweet to have and the placement is just right. The fit and finish of the whole bike is a true work of art. By the way, the gearing is ideal for this bike. I never once bogged it down or felt I needed a shorter or taller gear. Bottom line, the Adventure is a dream come true and I plan on logging many, many memory miles. — Bryan Jennings, owner


I took my WSM Adventure bike for a trial-by-fire ride in Oregon, two weeks after delivery last fall. In the course of a 7 day, 1500-mile ride, with every kind of terrain imaginable, from single track to sand to hard packed beaches to gravel fire roads to mountain passes to high speed asphalt bombing, it performed flawlessly. In fact, it was the only bike (among seven typical large displacement dual sports from the usual manufacturers) that didn’t slow us down due to mechanical issues or the need for extra fuel stops. The ONLY issue I had was some reluctance on my part, early in the trip, to really beat on it; the bike is just so beautiful and so well put together, it felt like it would be a shame to drop it. I got over this on day 2 with my first drop, and then I dropped it two more times on the trip, all with no real damage.

My particular ADV bike was built to my specifications (height, weight, natural body position for balance, etc) and with a dual sport mindset. After the Oregon trip, and with a worn out set of TKCs to show for it, Walt requested the bike back for evaluation and upgrades over this past winter, including a custom rack system with Givi hard bags, the addition of passenger pegs, and lastly, more road-oriented Avon tires. I am lucky in being relatively close to WSM’s NH base, but I know from other owners that this type of service after the sale, this strong desire for the customer to be happy with their purchase, is a cornerstone of WSM. This ADV was my second bike with WSM (after a Leggero in 2017) and I look forward to our next project, a WSM SBK.

It is clear that a lot of time and energy was spent by Walt and team to get the details right on this machine, with both an eye toward creating something special, something custom…but also something imminently useable. And this is one of the key distinctions of the bikes from WSM, in general. This isn’t some cobbled together art object intended to sit in someone’s home as a subject for dinner conversation. As good as it looked new, it looked even better with some wear and tear from intended use, as all great things do! — Jamie Waters, owner















full off-road


dual sport









“The bodywork is full kevlar and can be removed through dzus fasteners within a few minutes. There are two aluminum fuel cells: one underneath the tank shell, and one within the subframe. The two units are connected with quick disconnect line that is large enough to drain into each other quickly when you fill up the tank. The rear fuel cell, of course, also runs a breather line. I wanted to make sure that bike can carry enough fuel so that it can be used as a true rally bike. The suspension components are built and tuned for this bike’s weight, which is around 345 lb. A special fork lug has been machined so a radial caliper can be mounted. The geometries are off-road, with 26 degree steering neck, 13 degree swing arm. I wanted to make sure that the seat doesn’t end up as a wedge, as it is normally the case with true off-road bikes, so I gave it the correct height for its purpose, but I made it wide and cushioned enough so it is comfortable for long travels. The upholstery is a grippy vinyl, so you don’t slide back when you move yourself forward on the tank shell. The final drive gearing is tuned so that it can be used in even technical terrain. And the six-speed gear box leaves enough so the bike can be run at highway speed without hitting high rpm’s. The GPS is quite sophisticated. It has 14,000 miles of trails already downloaded. It also reads speed and can be easily disengaged from its holder and used as a tablet.

I designed the bike so it is light, with a powerful engine to do long trips with full off-road capabilities. Visually, I wanted to lend a 80s/90s aggressive rally look without giving up a bit of elegance.” — Walt Siegl


Engine: 1100cc Ducati two-valve unit (fully rebuilt and blueprinted)
Frame: first series Hypermotard with additional bracing
Fuel cell: 4.4 or 6.5 gallons
Suspension: 8.5″ travel with Marzocchi forks (upgraded internals). Ohlins rear shock
Swingarm: Single-sided
Final Drive Ratio: 14/41
Wheels: spoke, 19/17 combination. 70/30 on/off road tires
Brakes: Brembo dual disc radial calipers
Bodywork: Kevlar carbon
Sophisticated GPS system with removable tablet
Heated grips
Optional panniers system
Weight: 350 lbs with 6.5 gallon fuel cell

Customization opportunities include paint color and upholstery, the upgrade to full motocross suspension components, geometry set up, and the addition of panniers.